Northern California is home, and we are thoroughly drawn to the stunning landscapes that stretch between Tahoe and Carmel. However, our love for travel knows no bounds, and we eagerly venture beyond our familiar surroundings to capture weddings in many other captivating destinations. From the breathtaking shores of Lake Tahoe to the enchanting beauty of Carmel, and everywhere in between, we are ready to see and tell your unique love story through our lens. 

Wherever your wedding takes you, we are thrilled to be a part of your journey, capturing your most cherished moments.

About Us

photo by The Ganeys

photo by Chelsey Black

Written about each other:

We believe that love is the greatest adventure, and we are thrilled to embark on this journey with you.

our love story

defines our

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passion for our work

About My Husband:

Scott is the very man I dreamed of, but I still can't believe he's mine. We've been together for more than half of my lifetime, and at times that seems impossible.... while other times, I can't remember what life was like without him!

He is cool as a cat on wedding days, keeping my ever-concerned, "aim to please" self from going off the rails. His sense of humor keeps me smiling. His wit and wisdom amaze me on the daily. His NEVER failing commitment to US, our marriage, our family, and the success of our business is the necessary stable ground and very reason we are able to flourish. His aim is not to validate me, but to stand alongside me, championing me as I validate myself.

Scott's the reason we take pride in making our bed every day (except Sunday). He's the only instruction-reader in the home. He loves cake, donuts, pie, skittles, ice cream, AND all other things sweet. For Scott, no goal is too lofty, and no dream too extravagant. He's taught me that enjoying life is important. We can't change what has already happened and there's a lot that we can't control in the future... but there's nothing stopping us from enjoying this moment RIGHT NOW.

Dana is the reason we do what we do. She has the commitment and dedication it takes to thrive in business. Runs our social media, handles communications, and is responsible for all of the finished images. That's why she is the boss. As a business partner, I couldn't ask for more, but she is also my life partner.

She is my coffee partner in the morning and my travel partner when we have the time. We eat just about every meal together, and we love to finish our days with some good conversation in our hot tub. 

She supports me when I have some new idea or hobby, but is also honest with me when there is something she doesn't like. She is a really GOOD person with a heart bigger than anyone I know. It is not an exaggeration when I say that she makes this world a better place.
It often amazes me how much time and effort she spends trying to improve the lives of those she comes in contact with. Whether it is with an encouraging word or a helping hand, she spends just about every waking hour focused on what can be done, and then getting it done.

I love this girl, and I am so blessed to have her as my person.

About My Wife




Gia +Roger

"IT'S MORE THAN PHOTOS FOR SCOTT AND DANA. They are warm and thoughtful and make the day so much easier because they so clearly know how important each moment they capture is to you."

Brianne + Aaron

"EVERY SINGLE DETAIL WAS CAPTURED SO PERFECTLY. We could not be happier with our wedding photos. We knew the pictures were going to look amazing but they have exceeded our expectations.." 

Rosanna + Andrea

"They have a great sense of light, color, space, and setting, and they know how to frame shots in such a perfectly effortless and brilliant way. They know their craft and it shows both in the experience shooting with them and also in their photos. Truly gifted photographers."

Kaitlin + Jake

"FOLLOWING OUR WEDDING DAY, WE RECEIVED OUR PHOTOS IN LESS THAN A MONTH – AND THEY ARE AMAZING! Scott and Dana are personable, responsive, flexible, kind, creative and truly artists at what they do."

Constance +Chad

"WE RECIEVED SO MANY PHOTOS, AND ALL OF THEM- FROM THE DETAILS, TO THE GROUP SHOTS TO THE ROMANTICS, WERE STUNNING!  "Plus, they're just plain fun to be around! I can't recommend them enough!"

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