Beach Engagement Session

December 20, 2023

If you follow us you know I have a really hard time blogging, but right now, I feel like I should write about this Beach Engagement Session. I’m sitting here, editing it, in awe of the fact that photos exist. Feeling an overwhelming appreciation of the fact that the job I (we) get to do exists. In this moment I actually have tears falling down my face.

Looking through these images, of someone else’s love, someone else’s life, I AM filled with adoration. How blessed are we to be able to give this gift to couples? To be able to SHOW them their love, in a way they might not have yet seen it. Sure, they can feel it, but to be able to see it too, that can be so enriching, dare I say TRANSFORMING, to a relationship. Captured images are magical. Love is magical. It’s all magical.

At this shoot, they let their guards down. Tommy looked at Hannah the way he looks at her after he’s spent the day at work, missing her. Hannah embraced Tommy’s affection, feeling his love… letting the beauty of their connection shine. They told us of how they were the best of friends, for a long time, reminiscing about how they always planned to be “just friends” and they giggled about how Hannah’s mom was right when she said “you guys are being stupid.”

We talked a little about the meaning of the shoot. They met up with us, knowing that there would be images captured that they would cherish forever. A very poignant time in the history of their lives together. Scott asked about what it’s like for them to see images of their parents and grandparent from when they were young, perhaps wedding images or any photos at all, for that matter. No one directly mentioned it, but maybe we all thought about the future, and what it will be like when Hannah and Tommy look back on these, after they’ve been married for decades. The images of these moments, frozen in time, will be even sweeter.

These two will marry this coming Summer at Park Winters, and we can’t wait.


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