Highlights of 2017

December 31, 2017

Your 2017 Wedding Day Highlights – A Weddings by Scott & Dana  Year-End Review.
In 2017, 34 amazing couples brought us the joy of photographing a wedding day. These weddings were at 27 different venues, in 22 different cities and 6 different states. Thirty-four different times, my heart skipped a beat when I saw the groom see his bride for the first time. Eighty-seven different times, Scott saved the day with a Tide-To-Go marker, a safety pin, a breath mint, the knowledge of tying a bowtie or a Double Windsor, a few calming words for a groom or with some other ultra-important need of the moment. We saw dozens of proud fathers, teary-eyed mothers, and supportive friends cheer as these brides and grooms each had their first kiss. EVERY SINGLE wedding revived our own marriage, as we witnessed each new couple commit to embark on a long and beautiful journey together. It was a year of the sweetest First Looks, the most beautifully articulated ceremonial vows and some of the prettiest details I’ve ever seen (thanks to so many incredibly talented vendors!). It was a season full couples who “get it”. Couples who wanted a momentous wedding, but more importantly, a beautiful marriage. You guys, I pinch myself all the time to make sure this is real life; I always feel so fortunate that we get to do this….. but TODAY, looking back through the moments shown in these images, I am COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED.  These couples have given US SO MUCH. So all I can really say that means anything at all is THANK YOU. To all of the couples, their parents, their friends, OUR friends, the vendors — THANK YOU, on behalf of Scott and myself, for blessing our lives with your love and your trust, and for giving us purpose.  In no particular order, here are some of our favorite moments from 2017. I sure wish I had taken the time to do one of these each year.
(I apologize that there are far too many images in this post- hopefully, some of you make it to the end!)
First Look Flower Girl Crown Bridal Details San Francisco Wedding First Look Reaction Wine Country Wedding First Look Reaction 2017 Year End Review