Napa Valley Destination Wedding / Triple S Ranch

December 9, 2016

Let me tell you about this Napa Valley Destination Wedding at Triple S Ranch…….

Napa Valley Destination Wedding
What makes a couple want to fly all the way from New York to California to get married? Well for starters, there’s the weather. Because in November, no one plans an outdoor wedding in New York. On the contrary, the California weather is still likely to be beautiful in early November. Then there’s the landscape. Fall is just beginning to show it’s colors, leaves are still on all the vines. In early November, New York is bundling up and California is showing off. A destination wedding isn’t just a mini-vacation for the bride and groom, it’s a nice getaway for all their friends and family, especially if it takes place somewhere like Triple S Ranch. Triple S Ranch is more like quaint resort than a ranch, really. Boasting numerous bungalow style cabins on the property, and a charming spacious main house, the venue invites the wedding party and guests to stay on property all weekend. On the wedding day– there’s everything you need for the perfect event.
Before we ever saw it, Emily and Mike gushed about getting married under the canopy of a gorgeous walnut tree. This time of year the tree leaves were still lush and just beginning to show their golden tones. The ceremony was a beautiful tribute to love. Emily and Mike make the sweetest pair. Listening to them recite their very sincere and personal vows was clearly a moment that made an impact on everyone there. When a bride and groom are authentically engulfed in the moment, it’s SO touching to get to be a part of it. Personally, Scott and I feel that getting to be there for all these weddings and seeing couples commit to spend the rest of their lives together, feeds our own marriage. As I’m sure it did for many others.
Dinner was al fresco on the terrace, where their guests were served a fantastic Park Avenue Catering 4 course meal in community with each other at long farm tables. Flourish Flowers and Kate Whelan Events never disappoint, and together they created a setting to remember! The tablescape of lush white flowers and greenery with an abundance of candlelight truly made for an esquisite evening. Friends and family gave stories and sentiments that brought tears of joy, words of respect and sadness for those missing, and there was no shortage of laughter, as everyone toasted to the newest Mr. & Mrs. Cochran.
From there, everyone was invited upstairs to enjoy the fine musical talent of the Lucky Devils Band to ROCK the night away. Let me tell you, these guys came to PARTY. Swinging and singing, drinking and laughing, the hours flew by, making history for Emily and Mike, and showing us Californians that New York can BRING IT.
Emily and Mike, there couldn’t have been a more PERFECT way to begin the wonderful story of marriage for the two of you. Here are some of our favorite moments from your wedding day:

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Venue: Triple S Ranch
Photographer: Weddings by Scott & Dana
Wedding Coordinator: Kate Whelan Events
Florist: Flourish Designs
Bride’s Dress: Anna Campbell Designs
Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo
Caterer/Cake: Park Avenue Catering
Stationery: Minted
Hair & Makeup Artist: It’s a Date at the Powder Room
Band/DJ: Lucky Devils Band